Idaho Freedom Foundation

Note: In order to take the Idaho Freedom Foundation survey, I had to mark one of the predetermined choices for each question.  For all questions, I marked the choice "I am not sure/undecided".  This was not because I am unsure or undecided; in fact I am completely sure and quite decided on all issues involved.  The problem was that all choices would misrepresent my actual position, even if they were close.  I stated my position in the additional comments section along with the following explanation, "I am completely sure and quite decided on this issue.  All pre

Parma Lions Club Candidate Forum

Greg Collett has confirmed his invitation to participate in a candidate forum sponsored by the Parma Lions Club, to be held Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 7:00 PM at the Parma Fire Department facility.

"The forum will provide an opportunity for voters in Districts 9 and 11 to learn more about the qualifications of the candidates and the issues which the candidates wish to pursue for the benefit of the State of Idaho."

Republican Party Candidate Disclosure

Candidate Disclosure as required by the Idaho Republican Party Rules, ARTICLE X, Section 3:

“I have read the Idaho Republican Party Platform. Except for the provisions specifically noted

Idaho Coalition of Home Educators


2014 Candidate Statement

1. Do you support or oppose requiring families who home educate to register their children with either the state or their local public school district?


2. Do you support or oppose requiring all children taught at home to take standardized achievement tests each year?


A Message to Freedom Fighters

To those who cherish freedom and liberty, and to those who are tired of politics as usual at the statehouse, I submit to you that we have a wonderful opportunity with this upcoming primary election.  While many people look at a three way race as a pass for the incumbent, we have an entirely different situation here.  This is not a case where an established politician is challenged my multiple outsiders; instead, both of my opponents are established politicians and I am the only outsider.  If my opponents split the establishment vote, I stand a better chance of being elected.

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